Pool Renovations and Repairs

As your pool gets older, it eventually needs attention. Pool Plaster begins to chip and peel, fibreglass needs work and natural settling causes structural cracks that you can't ignore.


Smart renovations easily turns your pool into a welcoming retreat.  


Our Renovations includes everything from New Fibreglass Linings, paving and coping around the pool, new glass/ceramic Mosaics and the list goes on.  For a complete transformation call us soonest, no delay, for a hassle free quotation.

Swimming Pool maintenance and once of cleaning and water treatment also falls under our scope.


Bayline Pool Shop

We know pools best!

Expert advice from experienced staff. We offer a comprehensive and competitive range of pool supplies and services. We supply and install a premier range of new pool equipment and spare parts for most of your pool equipment requirements.


If we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you!


Browse our full range of chemicals, swimming pool accessories ,equipment and nice to haves in store. Some of our everyday services include:

  • Fitting of swimming pool pumps
  • Fitting of pool filters
  • Fitting Salt Water Chlorinator
  • Swimming Pool Leak detection and Pipe repairs
  • Replacement of Pool Filter Sand
  • Chlorinator Repairs
  • Water Testing
  • Retrofit LED Light Globes Blue or Colour Changing

Before and After

Pool Renovation and Repairs

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Automatic  Pool Cleaners

We stock most pool cleaners. Kreepy Krauly & Zodiac. The models available are proven for different types of pools. We’ll talk through your requirements and offer a pool cleaner solution that works!

Salt  Water Chlorinators

Tired of having to remember to add the chlorine to the pool, Well the solution is simple let us provide you with a quote to install a salt chlorinator. Sanitation made easy.

 Pool Filter  Sand & Salt

Sand in all makes of FILTERS needs to be replaced at least every two years and is carried out on request or in order to resolve filter related problems.

Chemicals for  Pool Maintenance

A full range of specialist chemicals offer a solution for normal maintenance requirements through to solving pool problems such as metals staining, green pools or general clean ups.

Pool  Nets &  Covers

We offer pool safety covers, covers to heat retain heat and keep dirt out.

Swimming Pool  Accessories

From leaf rakes and nets to vacuum brushes, leaf skimmers and catchers, weir baskets and lids, Light spares, Pump & filter lids Basket & o-rings, we stock a range of most of what you need. If we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you!

Pool Pumps  & Filters

The pump and filtration system is the most important part of your pool. The majority of pool water problems are related to poor  or inadequate filtration and circulation. Whether you're after a pump & filter for a new pool, or a replacement for an existing pool, we . We also supply energy efficient variable speed pumps that save electricity and run very quietly.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection

If you are losing water and are not sure if or where the leak is, we will come out to detect whether the leak is in the pool or in the suction or return lines.


A leaking pool can be costly and it is a waste on our precious water resources. In summer time a swimming pool should not loose more than 50-70mm of water per week taking into account backwashing and evaporation loss.

Jeffreys Bay Branch

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Tel: (060) 828-7753

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